Operation Route 66

The mission of Operation Route 66 is to raise funds and awareness for veterans support organizations benefitting American service members who have served in the wars in the Middle East. Professional photographers Kurt and Nick Gerber will embark on a motorcycle trip across the Western United States to collect stories and portraits of soldiers who have served to secure the safety and stability of the American people.  Accompanied by a small film crew, the team will document the ride and conduct interviews with soldiers and their families along the journey. The father and son team, along with their crew, will navigate Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles over a two-week period in May 2012.  At the conclusion of the ride, the motorcycles used will be up for auction with all proceeds benefiting a designated veterans organization. Ultimately, a collection of the portraits and film will be made accessible to the public to honor and identify those who so readily gave.

The belief that the American spirit is one of exploration, giving, and togetherness provided the foundation for the ride.  With the wars in the Middle East polarizing many Americans, we strive to highlight that regardless of political alignment, the millions of Americans who serve overseas deserve recognition for their incredible sacrifice. We plan to interview veterans as well as active duty service members in order to create a document that will forever serve as a reminder of the true, human cost of war, as well as provide an archive of the experiences of those who pay that cost.

If you or someone you know served – we would be honored to tell your story. Please contact us:

Kurt Gerber/ Nick Gerber

110 N. Peoria Street, Suite 205

Chicago, IL. 60607


You can also get involved by donating money to assist with the production of this film, or even just help us spread the word about this amazing project.

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